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Faux Painting Artist Background

l.a. cameron is a professionally trained faux painting artist that paints in Tampa Bay, Sarasota and the Raleigh NC markets. The artist has been performing old world faux finishing textures and modern faux painting finishes for top designers, custom home builders and commercial designs since 1998. Over these years, l.a. cameron's faux painting work has been recognized through awards, news articles and in local design magazines in North Carolina and Florida. l.a. cameron faux painting design serves in the following cities: St Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater, Sarasota, Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill, Pinehurst NC. She works with designers, builders, businesses and home owners on decorative faux painting, venetian plasters, cabinet glazing and painting, room designs, color consultations and application.

Member of International Decorative Artisans League
Types of Faux Painting Finishes Offered

Faux Painting Finishes offered include: Venetian Plastering, Lusterstone, Marble, Wood Graining, Cabinet Glazing, Textures, Metallic Finishes, limestone,  and more. Contact l.a. cameron faux painting design to review her entire faux finishing portfolio.

Faux Painting uses at home and work 

Faux painting is used in many various applications for homes and businesses. Faux painting is a designers choice over wall paper and other natural textures for both beauty, cost and durability. For example, wall paper removal requires significant labor and chemicals to remove. A faux painting finish can be changed or modified with just a bit more paint. A faux painter uses water-based paints with no chemical odors. Also there are many ways that faux finishing can actually SAVE YOU MONEY; or by adding an accent wall can make a real impact.

  Here are some ideas where faux finishing and painting can save you money:

  • Kitchen Cabinet Glazing (a faux painting finish will save you thousands on a kitchen remodel by refinishing your existing cabinets; not replacing them)
    • New kitchen cabinets for a remodel can cost upwards to $30,000. A faux painter can custom color kitchen cabinet glazing, wood graining, refinishing your kitchen cabinets. This will give you the custom color and faux painting finish you desire for up to 75% less than buying new ones. There is also no construction mess, weeks without kitchen cabinets, and alot more money in your pocket for those granite countertops you have been eyeing. Faux painting cabinets with a kitchen cabinet glazing process usually takes 1-2 weeks from beginning to end. This will give you a higher quality glazing finish and deeper wood graining than seen on any store bought kitchen cabinet. But you have total control to pick your exact color and finish. 
  • Ceilings (impact your dining room or entry hall with a faux paint finish)
    • More people are choosing faux painting finishes on ceilings in their home. Rooms with trey ceilings or coffered ceilings are a natural place to add lusterstone faux finishing or a marbling faux painting finish. A venetian plaster will also create a glow in the room by reflecting natural light. This will set off both the custom ceiling and the entire room. Faux painting doesn't have to dominate the entire room to make a statement. A subtle faux painting finish will make an impact.


  • Reception areas (faux finishing will give clients a warm reception)
    • Your reception area's appearance is what welcomes your clients each time they enter the office. Adding venetian plastering or even a synthetic faux painting finish will give your clients a warm and professional feeling each time they visit the office. It will set you apart from the competition.


  • Garage Doors and Mantles (make them look like any type of wood with professional faux wood graining)
    • Most garage doors, mantles, and beam ceilings today are not made from real wood but from various metals and synthetic materials. A wood graining finish can be applied to any of these materials giving them a rich faux wood grain finish. This is much cheaper than buying geniune wood designer doors or mahogny beams for your ceiling. 


  • Office Walls (metallic finishes will give the room a sense of style)
    • We spend so much time in our offices today it only makes sense to add some style that fits who you are and what you do. Metallic finishes are in great demand in these settings as it adds a sense of power and success to the room.    



L.A Cameron Faux Painting Design serves the Tamps, Sarasota and Raleigh areas including: Faux Painting Tampa, Faux Painting Sarasota, Faux Painting Clearwater, Faux Painting Raleigh nc, Faux Painting Chapel Hill nc, Faux painting cary nc. L.A. Cameron specializes in all faux artisan painting finishes including: venetian plastering, Venetian Plastering Tampa, Venetian Plastering Clearwater, Venetian Plastering Sarasota, wood graining, lusterstone, old world texturing, limewash finishing, metallic painting finish, marbling faux finish, and kitchen cabinet glazing. Contact l.a. cameron in Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill to start your faux painting and faux finishing project today. Faux wood graining, venetian plastering, venetian plaster, kitchen cabinet glazing, kitchen cabinet refinishing. L.A. Cameron is a professionally trained artisan in the application of real italian plasters and services Venetian plaster raleigh nc, venetian plaster cary nc, venetian plaster durham nc, venetian plastering raleigh nc.


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